Our Lifestyle and Health Nutritionists cater to

  • Personal weight management programmes

  • Eating Disorders

  • Healthy eating for pre-conception & pregnancy

  • Healthy eating for vegetarians and vegans

  • Infant & child nutrition

  • Eating for IBS

  • Healthy eating for the management of diabetes

  • Healthy heart diet plan

  • Personalised healthy eating diet plans

Sports Nutrition at PhysioQinesis

Sports Nutritionists at PhysioQinesis play an integral part in improving both sports performance and recovery for sports ranging from cricket, gymnastics, swimming, skating to football, basketball, distance running and tennis.

Our Sports Nutritionists help athletes to

  • Select the right foods and nutrients to improve your sport performance

  • Bounce back faster from training and games

  • Maintain optimal body composition for your sport

  • Regulate inflammation caused by exercise

  • Insulate your immune system

  • Reduce exercise induced muscle damage

  • Burst the myths of carb loading

  • Accelerate injury healing

  • Choose the right sports supplements

  • Maintain hydration



Our Nutritionists looks after diverse needs related to Nutrition and Health Management- weight-loss, weight- gain, chronic disorders- cholesterol, BP, thyroid, arthritis.


Specialised in Endurance Sports, our Sports Nutritionist helps athletes maximise their sports performance through up to date, evidence based personalised nutrition advice.