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Yogesh Jadhav

Dr Shweta herself being a sport person understands the sports related injury very well. Her approach to the problems is quite good. She goes to the root of the problem and keeps her treatment quite simple. I had an knee injury due to running, now I am back to running and feeling stronger than before.

Dhruv Leekha

Dr. Karishma- Neuro Physiotherapist helped me understand my health condition (digital stimulation on the face) prior to starting my treatment. This was unlike any of my past experiences. While other neurologists predicted 6-8 weeks for recovery, thanks to Dr. Karishma's therapy, I recovered 80% in a matter of 3 weeks! This is a testament in itself to her way of treating patients and their problems alike.


Dr.Priyanka took pains to explain the causes of spondylitis and the course of treatment that she would be following.

Over a few sessions of treatment, the discomfort had started to ease out. And after 5-6 sessions, the pain had substantially reduced. To rate it on a scale of 1-10. The pain was around 1 out of 10.

Dr.Priyanka, being a Vertigo specialist also took care of a long standing Vertigo problem. The giddiness and discomfort of years were erased because if her expertise.

She take personal interest in the patient’s health which is really heart warming. 

Saket Bhargava

I visited PhysioQinesis on experiencing pain in spine, tingling sensations and numbness in the body. Dr. Kashmira (Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist) has been very patient in understanding my concerns and addressing them patiently. Thanks to her commitment, I feel relived and healed.

Samuel D'cruz

I was very hesitant to do physiotherapy as in most exercises, I'm not able to perform fully and Doctors fail to suggest me a workaround to get the same muscle work done. However I needed to visit Physiotherapist for my Foot drop condition. Instead Dr Kiran understood my overall issue and he is helping me do proper strengthening and improve me overall instead of what I asked for :) work is still in progress though.
Dr Kiran is friendly to understand your problems at the same time very strict regarding the exercise routine which is again in your own benefit.I would definitely recommend you to go visit Dr Kiran for any consultation. And hey! Consultation is free that's another plus.

Mihir Kothari

Knee injury had aggravated with damage in both knees. Couldn't climb stairs. Could not move shoulder. Was advised surgeries by orthos. Dr. Kiran carefully analysed the problem and suggested a steady exercise regime which helped build muscle and avoid surgeries. Very happy now.

Ashok Memon

Dr. Priyanka treated me for my for chronic Lower back pain, neck pain and tennis elbow.  She carried out a very thorough investigation and explained the causes. Once the treatment sessions begun, Dr. Priyanka explained each exercises in detail.  Thanks to her motivation and guidance, I feel stronger, fitter  and healthier than ever before.

Kairav Parikh

The day I consulted Dr. Shwetha Warke my situation was really critical. I had severe back pain. I was not able to jog, run, dance and stand for more than half hour but within 2 weeks I started feeling strength in my back because of her scheduled exercise plan and her special focus on her patients. Within next two week I started doing gyming.

I am really blessed to be her patient and I thank God for making such doctors.

Janith Singh

I am into professional sports and my career is completely dependent on it. I had gone through severe injuries and getting back to normal was almost nil.Then I met Dr.Kashmira More and she treated me over a period of 6-8 months in a very dedicated fashion. Her motivation and structured therapy techniques have really helped me a lot and now, I am back to normal and have started my complete sports activities with no pain or issues. I will really recommend this Doctor as she really has great amount of dedication and domain knowledge.Thank you Doctor for all your support and unconditional treatment approach.

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