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two athletes doing strength training exercises


patients doing strength and conditioning exercises

 Strength and Conditioning

Our Strength & Conditioning coaches have a set of function specific training to offer the individuals or athletes, which helps them take their performance to the next level.


A well constructed programme includes a combination of exercises along with speed and agility training, endurance and core stability, plyometrics, which is designed based on the baseline performance and needs of  athletes for achieving strength, speed, flexibility, endurance, and an injury free performance.

Our Strength and Conditioning Coaches can help with

  • Personalised training programmes

  • Fitness assessment & monitoring

  • Strength training

  • High end rehabilitation

  • Help keep you injury resistant

  • Improve your ability to resist illness or ailments

  • Improve and optimise performance

  • Lifestyle Assessments

  • Performance Programmes

a patient doing weight lifting exercises

Why Strength & Conditioning with PhysioQinesis?

PhysioQinesis is a sports specific physio clinic and the team of PhysioQinesis at our physiotherapy centre  at Thane consists of individuals actively involved in sports, in various fields including the S&C coaches. The chances of injuries and re-injuries are generally higher when strength training is not done under proper medical supervision, or training is done at the gym without medical assistance. Training with medical guidance and supervision will definitely reduce the chances of injuries and help with the overall performance of an individual.

The form and technique for an exercise depends on multiple factors, including the body structure, level of fitness, strength and endurance, history of injuries, medical history. It has to be customized as per individual and cannot be one same set of

exercise for all individuals.

two athletes doing strength and conditioning exercises

Benefits Of Our Strength And Conditioning Training Programs

  • Promotes general wellbeing if a person and prevents obesity as well

  • Improves posture and corrects any underlying posture defect

  • Enhances one’s mood and ability to handle stress

  • Injury prevention, especially for very active athletes

  • Faster rehabilitation and stronger muscle in case of any injury

  • Better muscle control and overall body balance. This reduces an athlete’s rate of falls and increases the rate of recovery in case of any injury

  • Promotes a high rate of metabolism, weight loss, and a healthy lifestyle

An athlete doing a pull up

Ever Wondered How You Can Master That Pull Up?

Dont worry we got  your  back . We have curated a pull up program , a step by step approach towards getting your first pull up. Achieve maximum results with minimum equipments.   

What is a Pull Up?
A  Pull up is an upper body strength training exercise. It is a closed-chain exercise where the body is suspended by the hands and pulls up. It is one of the most effective exercises for strengthening the back muscles. It builds up your core as well as grip strength . Pull ups work the following muscles of the back: Latissimus dorsi, posterior deltoids, trapezius , bicep brachii. Pull ups can be performed in various grip positions such as pronated , supinated nautral,  mixed ,  tandem , closed , wide grip pull up. 

What you get in this program:
-  Pull up

- Learn  skin the cat
- Learn German Hang

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