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Performance Strength and Condtioning

Two athelets training on their performance at PhysioQinesis Thane

 Program Design and Training

Our strength and conditioning coaches may provide individuals or athletes with a variety of function-specific training that will help them advance their performance. A well-designed program incorporates a variety of exercises, as well as speed, agility, endurance, core stability, and plyometrics training.


It is created based on the athletes' needs for achieving strength, speed, flexibility, endurance, and an injury-free performance. Our online program is intended to assist and support athletes who cannot visit our performance lab due to travel restrictions or for any other reason. The program's scope includes creating and arranging a self-execution training routine.


If an athlete wants to attend the offline sessions as needed, they can choose to pay per session through the program.

Team Boot Camps

Bootcamps are organized for a team or group of athletes who want to develop a particular athletic requirement or a set of athletic demands required by a sport. 


Bootcamps are typically held following an evaluation of the physical requirements unique to a sport and the identification of a team's or an organization's overall need. 

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