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Recovery Management

atheletes recoving at PhysioQinesis Thane


Cryotherapy is a simple, quick, and efficient way to cure wounds, get rid of chronic pain, get better rest, fight the effects of ageing, and rebuild healthy collagen in the body. It is the newest wellness treatment on the market right now.


We are among the few setups in Thane and Mumbai that offers this service

Deep Tissue Sports Massage

For preserving ideal muscle structure after a strenuous event or during training to make an individual free of soreness or reach an optimal level so that performance is increased, a deep tissue massage is a crucial session available at our facility.


Our Thane center's deep tissue massage therapists assist people with managing chronic ailments like stiff necks, low back pain, and sore shoulders. Sports massage aids in tissue repair, speeds up recovery, reduces lactic acid buildup, and enhances muscular performance and body posture, all of which help the body operate at its best.

Performance Nutrition

Performance Nutrition is the use of nutritional strategies to impact and improve athletic performance and training capacity. Each athlete's specific plans are created using an in-depth understanding of the following:


  • The athlete's way of life, learning preferences, and adaptability


  • The activity and game and travel frequency


  • The athlete's existing diet, knowledge of nutrition, and practical abilities (cooking, shopping, etc.)

Mental Conditioning

Our sports psychologists can impart knowledge on how to improve your cognition and motor abilities, deal with tactical pressure from the competition, develop the level of awareness required for peak performance, and stay motivated despite the numerous distractions that come with team travel and the competitive setting.


In addition to other training components, psychological training should be a crucial component of an athlete's overall training program

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