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Kick boxing punching


A man training for kickboxing

What is Kickboxing ?

Kick boxing is a relatively new age evolved form of martial arts. It basically consists of different techniques of punches and kicks which are done in various combinations . It can be done individually with an instructor or it can be done between two people.

Kick boxing is a great form of cardio and core workout .

What are the benefits of Kickboxing ?

Well its an awesome mood elevator ,so say our clients who regularly visit   our physiotherapy centre located in Thane . The feeling of power aggression and release , helps you to release all the good hormones . It’s a great way to introduce a variation of cardio and core workout .

Kick boxing also helps in your physical and mental agility , improves sharpness and focus and overall physical fitness .

Boxing Session

Why Kickboxing at PhysioQinesis ?

PhysioQinesis is a space where we have trained professionals taking care of your fitness goals .
Whether it is trying a new workout or exploring kick boxing as a fitness workout our trained instructor will make sure that you are well trained and prepared for your workout so you receive maximum benefit from the same. 

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