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Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training is a technique offered at our physiotherapy clinic in Thane where we try to mimic high intensity, with blood flow occlusion combined with low-intensity training to produce similar results. 

In BFR training our physiotherapists use a specially designed pneumatic cuff which is placed proximally on the muscle which is being trained. Pressure is then applied to the muscle by inflating the cuff to a specific pressure which obtains complete venous pressure and partial arterial pressure. The patient then performs low-intensity resistance exercises of 20-30% of 1 repetition max, with high repetitions per set (15-30) and short rest periods of 30 secs in between.

Application of BFR

  • ACL reconstruction point

  • Condition that results in loss of muscles such as Cancer, HIV, Diabetes etc

  • Total knee Replacement

  • Patellar tendinosis

  • Cartilage repairs

  • Muscle hypotrophy

An image showing blood blow restriction monitor
 A patient getting treated for foot orthotics

What is Foot Orthotics?

All basic activities right from getting up from bed, sit to stand, standing, walking, and running depend on foot and we tend to bear weight on our feet. Our foot is a complex structure and being injury free is very important since even an older injury can have its consequences.

If there is any structural problem which cannot be reversed, it has to be addressed in a specific way. A specific pattern of walking, standing is developed over the years due to this. Hence certain modifications are required in such cases. If there is any functional problems due to soft tissue injuries which does not involve any structural deformity, it has to be addressed in a certain way.

These structural and functional problems require an in depth assessment, without which the correct plan of action cannot be developed. The chances of injuries are higher in such unstable foot and ankle, and hence have to be thoroughly addressed.

It can either be mere insole required for improving foot arches, thereby preventing pain at ankle, knee and other joints, or it can be insoles along with complete guided training for functional corrections.

A compete foot assessment is done at PhysioQinesis, and based on this assessment, the type of shoes to be preferred, do's and don'ts's are be identified, and detailed analysis is done with respect to treatment required and plan of action/ program is provided.

Benefits of Foot Orthotics

  • Aids in pain relief in ankle, knee and other joints

  • Boosts confidence while walking

  • Helps in correcting standing and walking posture 

  • Aids in comfort

  • Relieves nerve stress 

A patient treatment for foot orthotics
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