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Updated: Jul 19, 2023

A man training at PhysioQinesis Performance Lab Thane

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle may often come as a challenge due to a variety of limitations. Consequently, the lack of physical activity and irregular, imbalanced diet patterns are signs of a sedentary lifestyle. At PhysioQinesis Performance Lab our mission is to provide individuals with the means to practice healthier lifestyle choices.

Prolonged sedentary lifestyle choices become precursors to chronic diseases such as obesity, type-2 diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and several others. Clinical exercise science allows our experts to understand chronic diseases: their signs, symptoms and treatment, and create structured programs backed by scientific principles. A regular well structured supervised program is capable of minimizing prevalence of signs and symptoms, weight control, injury prevention and promotion of adaptations that result in a richer quality of life.

It starts with you...

As a part of our holistic approach to health and fitness our experts conduct one-on-one fitness consultations. During these sessions we aim to bring to light key details such as the presence of chronic disease, signs and symptoms, injury history and pharmaceutical aids. In addition, we also take the time to learn about lifestyle choices, exercise experience and short term and long term goals. In addition these sessions allow us to bond with our clientele and create a safe space for every individual.

a man training at PhysioQinesis performance Lab in Thane


Exercise testing is a crucial first step towards a healthier lifestyle. Testing helps to objectively measure the client's strengths, weaknesses and the effects of present chronic conditions on performance. Moreover, regular testing helps with specialized program designing , setting achievable targets and most importantly encouraging clients to work harder by showing measurable progress. Our experts handpick and implement appropriate testing protocols to assess and record all parameters of an individual's fitness. The tests are designed to focus on parameters such as cardiovascular endurance, functional mobility, body composition (fat %, BMI, muscle mass etc.) among several others.


Specificity is the foundation for designing goal centric exercise programs that systematically approach client needs. All chronic conditions present their own challenges in response to exercise. Regular physical activity stimulates the body to create adaptations that help overcome the challenges of chronic conditions. Some adaptations include improved metabolism, increased insulin sensitivity and bone density, and overall cardiovascular function.To achieve these adaptations, our experts make use of various techniques at a range of intensities, volume and durations to stimulate the body and encourage adaptation to exercise. Effective stimulation is a direct result of careful planning and periodization of exercise plans.

A man training with coach at Physioqinesis thane


At PhysioQinesis we believe that progress is not limited to minimizing the risk of chronic conditions. Our experts aim to bring holistic change far beyond client expectations by raising awareness of the benefits of exercise and progressive exercise techniques. Our programs are designed to help individuals with weight control, improve functional movement, increased strength and endurance with the added benefits of improved mental health through positive body image, greater self esteem and self motivation.

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