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Updated: May 31, 2023

Congratulations you are a marathon runner !!!

Your body is a limitless tool and you have put it through a test of endurance .

It’s now time to rest and recover !!

Your body is going to be sore , there maybe stiffness and cramping as ,well this is the natural response of the body .

Cooling down your body after your run is very important .

Do not come to an abrupt stand still , continue to limber down after your run , walk it out for a bit till your heart rate settles close to your resting .

Have a light snack something simple immediately after like a fruit just to give you some energy .

You can ice muscles that are feeling very sore or tight , you can also take a cold shower once you reach home .

Do your cool down stretches , hold them easy and long to help the muscles relax .

On the following day you can do some mobility stretches to ease the body out .

You can also go for a swim or a walk or a cycle ride at an easy pace .

If you wish to take a sports massage for recovery its best to take its 48 to 72 hrs after the marathon .

Replenish your diet with good fats and good protein rich food .

Stretch well sleep well hydrate yourself , and remember the only training your benefiting from is the one you are recovering from .

Keep running .

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