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Updated: May 31, 2023

Difference between The Running lab gait analysis and the Gait analysis done in sports shop

Many shoe shops and sports stores offer investigations, which are increasingly labelled as gait analysis.

The methods used, such as video recordings, are not validated and no report generated for the customer to take to their GP or healthcare professional such as a podiatrist or physiotherapist.

Another method is wet foot print test

The wet footprint test is where you get your feet wet and then stand on something like a paper towel and then it reveals your arch shape. Perhaps you can see a low arch, neutral arch or a high arch foot from this.

This is a static weight bearing on the floor, the foot print or the weight distribution is not taken in an entire gait cycle.

Whereas the Running Lab Gait analysis protocol analyses the gait of the patient at various key moments during gait cycle.

  • Complete assessment of pelvis, hip knee foot and ankle joint motion

View Analyzed

Anterior, Posterior and Lateral


  • Treadmill

  • walkway

3 step work flow

Capture :- the Gait of the Patient is captured using cameras

Analyze :- The clinician uses the inbuilt protocols to analyze the captured gait

Generate Report:- Running gait lab exports the analysis results to well organized and print ready reports.

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