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Updated: May 31, 2023

This is it ...

You have trained hard , you have made those sacrifices , skipped that late night office party,

Politely declined invitations and have had innumerable 5 am mornings for this day.

The week before your marathon is important.

It is obvious that you have now tapered ..and this week you are now gearing up for the d day.

1. If you wish to relax your body and ease out any tension or stiffness because of your training taking a sports / deep tissue massage in the first half of the week is a good time so that even if you have post-massage soreness you would have enough time to recover.


Its exciting but right from your socks to your undergarments to your clothes everything should be something that’s been washed or used by you before. Definitely not new running shoes .

3. Catch up on your sleep, pre-race night is usually not so restful, it's high on emotions and also depending on your location you may have to wake up earlier than usual. So make sure you have rested well in the week and the night before the marathon play some calming music, meditate and visualize your race , this works wonders, visualisation meditation of you running in your best form and completing the race .

4. Hydrate yourself well, and also depending upon your race distance you can carb load 24-48 hours before your race. You can also plan your hydration and fuelling for your run beforehand, like your clothes no new food this week avoid eating out eating anything new, for someone energy gels work and for some good old dates and salt. Some like electrolytes some like lime juice.So do what you have been doing and dont try anything new on race day .

5. Keep your workouts easy that week go for short runs, do some strength building and work on your mobility save energy for the race day.

6. Do not forget to warm up before your race and enjoy your run !!

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